Sunday, December 2, 2007

Megachurch: Mega God or Demigods?

What's up with all these blinged out Pastors?

My father is a pastor, and I have alot of respect for the church. Also, as a financial expert, I have alot of respect for money. But I know enough about money to know that sometimes, money and God just don't mix. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for chasing economic empowerment and using money as a tool for positive change in the world. But I think we've gotten to a strange reality when I can't tell my preacher from a rap star. I've never thought that a pastor should be a CEO, since many CEOs worship the dollar bill. That's almost like saying you can be a hooker and a school teacher. Some combinations are like ketchup and apple sauce....they just don't mix.

It is for that reason that I invite the Senate investigation into some of the megachurches, some of whom seem eager to prey while praying, and invoke the name of God to make themselves into Gods. I don't hate these men, but I know what lies in the hearts of men. In the hearts of men, you find ego, lust, and a thirst for power, things that don't seem to fit with the righteous path.

For those pastors who seem to feel that it is critically important for them to have private jets and Rolls Royces, I only ask this question: What would Jesus do? Would he drive in a Rolls Royce and live in a mansion while there are people starving in his own community? I think not.
My video thoughts are below, enjoy!

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