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May grace and peace be yours, sent to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.How we praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ. Ephesians 1: 2,3 (NLT)

Friends, how often have you said, “I wished I had thought of that?” Well this is surely one such occasion for me. Not very long ago I was surfing the web and discovered, no that’s the wrong word, instead I should convey that I was led to this wonderful writing by Danny Doege entitled: 53 Blessings That Happen To A Person After Believing On The Lord Jesus Christ, I am sure you'll appreciate this site.

This is truly big friends, it scripture that supports a list of 53 definitive blessings that occur once we’ve declared Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The more I reviewed and read about the 53 blessings, the better I felt about being adopted by our loving Heavenly Father.
I realize that I am often guilty of not always focusing on my many blessings. Does that also happen to you also? I am sure God desires that we operate differently from here on out! I say in one breathe that I am blessed, but often, my concerns and reservations quickly over shadow the gift of God’s many blessings.

The irony regarding God’s blessings are this: the more we read,reflect and study scripture the more we understand of just how blessed we truly are!
Yes, there are too many days that my Bible study is cut short or not at all. So when we don’t read and been encouraged through scripture, we are hard pressed to remain upbeat, think positive and act accordingly! Surely counting our blessings is out of the picture and then the battle ground of our mind is ripe for the enemy to wreak havoc. Well let's agree to stop the negative thinking aka "stinking thinking!”

Instead let me purpose that we consider this: during moments that we can’t readily reach for our bibles and favorite devotionals let’s opt to reach for this outstanding list of 53 blessings. Here’s a wonder resource with scripture and biblical truths written clearly for all of us to appreciate and apply.

As I share this observation with you it becomes more apparent that not having enough “scripture/word” in us causes us to be easily distracted and removed from the truth. Remember the spiritual battle is waged in our minds. Be sure to reference Ephesians 6 for further clarification. We can be grateful for this resource compiled by Danny Doege; it reminds us of how wonderful God’s many benefits are because we believe in Jesus Christ. I am confident that you’ll also concur that indeed here’s another inspirational spiritual tool for what ails us!!

As I wrote this reflection, I beleived that the Holy Ghost was directing me to further encourage us to be hearers and doers regarding embracing these 53 Blessings. So to that end here are some resource application tips you may wish to implement in your personal lives and your ministries in an effort to improve spiritual growth.

For Embracing:
53 Blessing That Happen To A Person After Believing On The Lord Jesus Christ by Danny Doege

Let me suggest that you first exercise prayer, asking God about how to effectively share and use this 53 Blessings as a part of your daily devotion time, or as a Christian Education resource and even when you’re on the move. Here are some applications tips that came to my mind. I think you’ll enjoy enhancing your ministry with these suggestions. Friends none of this is written in stone, so feel free to adapt these tips, rewrite them, and comfortably create your own; just step out in faith and do it!

Why not consider...
  • Posting 53 Blessings on your refrigerators, bath room mirrors, the night stand and read the blessings daily-take the words to heart! Insert your name, or your families name where the words we are written.
  • Daily placing one Blessing in the kid’s lunch bags and be sure to take it to work with you also.
  • Speak audibly blessings over your life and your loved ones lives. Share with a colleagues. Ask God to lead you to the coworkers that you should share Blessings with.
  • Read it out loud the Blessing(s) for the day, or have one of the children read it aloud before they leave the house. Make it a family activity. Stop for a moment and hear God’s words and let these truths resonate in your spirit.
  • Read a Blessing each week and reference scripture during your private worship and prayer time to enhance your bible study.
  • Ask God for a deeper revelation of the Blessing(s)
    Incorporate 53 Blessings as part of your Christian Education Curriculum for all the children as well as the adults.
  • Share the 53 Blessings with your sick and shut-in, incarcerated, homeless ministries etc. Open your study session with a truth or Blessing, reference the scripture and then share-reflect on God’s plan for us as believers.
  • Hey don’t stop there, share this insightful tool with others, especially new believers. “New Members Class, Converts Class, Sheep Fold Ministries whatever your title is, just confidently know that this compilation of Blessing can spiritually enrich others. This knowledge would help to dispel so many of the misnomers that confuse and bewilders us. I am confident that the Holy Spirit desires that we are to be reassured that the moment we embraced the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we have a bouquet of sweet blessings.
  • Open your praise and worship session with one of the 53 Blessing, celebrate God and sing Be Be Winans “I Believe”. This is an awesome, uplifting song!
  • Create a mural, quilt or collage with your youth groups incorporating the 53 Blessings and be sure to hang it proudly for the edification and building up the body of Christ!

I pray you’ll be further inspired to add to the list of the blessings and begin to savor each of the 53 Blessings that Brother Doege has laid out, ranging from our having access to God’s grace to we’ve got the power of a sound mind. Enjoy your many blessings friend, it’s in your reach!!

Joyfully Submitted by:

Linda Mose Meadows, author

The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life's Lessons and God's Promises

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