Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bishop Desmond Tutu Announces Changes in South African Aids Policy

Your Black World Reports

Desmond Tutu -- former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa -- says South Africa should not be embarrassed about its policies to combat AIDS. 

"For many years we were embarrassed in international gatherings for what we were not doing in fighting AIDS. We therefore thank the Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, for the change in policy....It is a very rare privilege and honor for us the older ones to say we are passing the baton to you the young to carry on with the fight against this pandemic."  - Desmond Tutu

Aaron Motsoaledi is leading the rigorous anti-AIDS testing and treatment campaign pledged by President Jacob Zuma in 2009. This anti-AIDS effort is being lauded by AIDS activists who experienced conflict with  a previous health minister who endorsed natural remedies as AIDS treatments and looked skeptically upon the connection between HIV and AIDS. Taking strides to engage younger generations in this fight against disease, Motsoaledi and Tutu attended a United Nations conference discussing ways to motivate new generations to get involved in proliferating the AIDS-prevention message.

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