Sunday, September 18, 2011

Man Shoots Pastor, Associate Pastor and Wife on at Church

jeremy fogel accused of shooting pastor and his wife in Lakeland, Florida

Your Black World reports

A gunman in Florida shot a pastor and associate pastor at a church in Florida on Sunday.   The man was then tackled and detained by parishioners, who held him until police arrived.  Jeremiah Fogel, 57, was arrested after the incident, which took place at theGreater Faith Christian Church in Lakeland.  Fogel is also suspected of killing his wife before heading over to the church.

The church’s pastor, William Boss, and Associate Pastor Carl Stewart are being treated at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

“According to the initial witness reports, Fogel ran through the front door of the church and shot both the pastor and associate pastor,” the statement said. No other church members were injured while detaining Fogel, police said.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is leading the investigation to find out what happened.

“Obviously there was a conflict with his wife and/or some people in church,” Judd said. “We’re trying to find out exactly what forced him to go into his killing rage on a Sunday morning.”


Anonymous said...

Thank God that the Pastor and Co-Pastor are OK. The parishners were very brave.

Anonymous said...

Very sad what people do in the church now; it used to be the one place people felt safe.