Sunday, January 6, 2008

Embracing The 12 Tenets for 2008

Embracing The 12 Tenets for 2008

I have chosen the way of truth: I have set my heart on your laws....I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.

-Psalm 119:30, 32 (NIV)

This is an occasion for fewer words, my dear sister and friend Marion shared this New Year’s message with me and I love to spread joy, so I hope that when you view this flash film, the intent of the message will resonate in your spirit that in 2008 so much good can be achieved- it starts with you and me!

I encourage you to embrace and envision your hurdles with a positive outlook. Your victories are in view! See the lessons of faith throughout the coming year as you beat the odds. It's time we moved on like Mr. Canada in Harlem and bring pride to our communities. He's an educator that demonstrates compassion and commitment to children.

Spread some joy intentionally; begin to show acts of kindness- remember love begot love. Birth something new, wonderful and alive in your life. Our thinking and outlook affects our lives and those we are connected to.

Are you convinced that there's a real need to reach beyond ourselves? Well, I too agree. The elderly person that is standing in the grocery store line visibly struggling with paying for their groceries, could use our help. My friends at the United Way are eager to point out area agencies that are seeking volunteers and resources-contact them; there must be a group of friends that are willing to pool their resources to help a neighborhood center or charity? Well, you spearhead the cause! Let's not overlook the local church with the Rites of Passage Program needing faith filled, caring, disciplined adults to usher young men and woman to productive adulthood- their ministry awaits you. Come on brothers and sisters of faith bring your wisdom, your love, your insight and your training there's a world awaiting your gifts!

Today, I am free. I am willing to take my own medicine and actively seek opportunities to help others and blossom in my calling and ultimately grow! Oh friends, I thank God for the Anthony Robbins Organization and his creative team blessing us with the reminder of the 12 tenets; I receive the message and God's directive. Won't you join me and endeavor to hold on to God's truths? Our outlook can be brighter as we share in helping another soul. I look forward to working with you! God bless you!
Joyfully Submitted by Linda Mose Meadows

Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life's Lessons and God's Promises

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