Monday, May 5, 2008

Message of Encouragement From My Daughter

Today I received the following e-mail from my twenty-nine year old daughter Erica. The e-mail was addressed to a total of twenty people. I hope that everyone reading this will enjoy it as much as I did.
I was in Barnes & Noble this weekend picking up a book for my book club. Anyway I brought this magnet while I was there and I wanted to share what is says with all of you:

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly”

I really want to encourage you all if you are going through hard times right now, know that it is not over. Know that you serve an awesome God who may just have you in a cocoon right now as He is preparing to change you into a butterfly. Remember to speak scriptures over your life and your circumstances. His word says that when the enemy comes to surround you like a flood God will raise up a standard! During your hard times stop focusing on you and the problem. Focus on God and serving others. I listen to gospel music every morning when I work out and normally God deals with me through song. A song that has really ministered to my spirit lately is a song by Kirk Franklin from his new album. The chorus goes like this: “If I say I love Jesus but you can’t see my Jesus my words are empty if they can’t see Jesus in me. No more excuses I give myself away, because I may be the only Jesus they see” - That is so powerful to me. So step outside of yourself and your circumstances what are you doing so that others can see Jesus in you.
When someone is going through are you there for them or do you just tell them to pray. Or do you go to them and pray with them, do you take them out for a cup of coffee so that they can see the love that God has for them through you. You hear let go and let God all the time but a lot of us may not know how to do that. Well you do that by focusing on others by serving others as you serve others you will not focus on your problem you will let it go without even realizing it.

There are so many opportunities for you to serve others outside of church – yes I said you can serve outside of church. Actually that is where God wants us to serve…the world, the world that doesn’t know Him, that may only come to know Him through you. And I am not just talking about strangers, but your friends and family. How many of us know of a friend who is having a hard time right now, do we go and spend time with that person or do we avoid them because the situation is uncomfortable. There may be a new coworker on your job, have you tried to make that person feel welcomed? What are you doing for your children, are you really concerned with their day to day life and what happened at school? Do you take the time to really listen to how their day went? Do you spend the time you should with them just playing with them and allowing them to be kids and feel secure and safe? Do share too much of your problems with your kids…remember this is their childhood they should be able to be carefree children they shouldn’t know everything that mommy and daddy are going through, and they also shouldn’t have to take sides….

Everything I said above is what God has spoken to me about me and my life and so I am sharing with you all as it may also pertain to you and your life.

Father God we come before you today grateful to have another day on this earth to serve you. We ask that you forgive us of our sins and help us to repent. Father please be with us on this week as we look for opportunities to serve others. We thank you because your word says that you will never forsake us or leave us! So no matter how bad things look right now we know that you are with us. We thank you because no weapon formed against us shall prosper and ALL things are working for our good because we love you and you know that we love you because we keep your commandments! In Jesus name we pray – Amen.

I love you all have a great week and know if you ever need me to pray for you or with you please just call me. I would love you too!
Vera Richardson Author of "A Case of Racial Discrimination and Retaliation Real or Imagined."

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